Save the EPA – it is patriotic!

oLyhA2EKWe need more, not fewer, regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure clean air, clean water, and minimized risk of contaminants to human and ecosystem health. We do not want severe haze disasters or buildup of smog, harmful organic compounds, sulfur oxides, particulates, radioactive particles, and other pollutants that are prevented from building up via regulations from a functioning EPA.  We also have a right to clean, safe water. Flint, Mich., is still reeling from its water crisis, and unsafe levels of lead continue to turn up elsewhere. Finally, the science of climate change is absolutely clear – greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O, and others) are rising, mean global temperatures are rising, extreme weather events are increasing, ice is melting, and sea levels are rising. Climate change is anthropogenic, and we need regulations from the EPA and other agencies to prevent further damage and to stop these dangerous trends.

So here is the call to action from Beth Leger:

You still can’t call the EPA, but you can make online comments. Relevant to us, the EPA opened a call on April 11th for pubic input,  “seeking input on regulations that may be appropriate for repeal, replacement, or modification.” That’s all it says.

This is an anonymous process, and comments are retained as part of the public record.
You can submit a comment here.
My comment was not brilliant, but it is another NO voice for repealing: “A strong EPA has been responsible for improvements in environmental and human health over the last decades. The American public is extremely supportive of the EPA continuing to do its job, making decisions based on the best available science. Please do not roll back regulations that maintain healthy air and water for all. Voters will hold this administration accountable for deregulations.

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