Proposed cuts to the already meager federal funds for science and the arts… and increases in military spending. Why?

Call today: this budget is dystopian – another call to action from Dr. Beth Leger:

This proposed budget represents fear and aggression at the expense of science, the environment, diplomacy, and human health and well being.
It’s a budget made, frankly, by bullies, who think might is right, food comes from the grocery store (21% cuts to Agriculture), pills come in bottles (19% cuts to NIH, what??), clean air and clean water mean nothing (31% cuts to the EPA), and art doesn’t matter (completely cuts funding for these 19 agencies)
Our representatives need to hear loudly that these are not our priorities, in whatever flavor of outrage you are able to muster this morning. 🙂
In our meeting at Heller’s office, it became clear to us that staffers may not necessarily understand how scientists use grants; they may think that we pay our own salaries with them, rather than use them to pursue knowledge and train students/post-docs. A little education on what grant funds do might be in order. Guess what? You are going to pay our salaries anyway. Grant funds just mean we can do our jobs.
Senator Dean Heller (local office): 686-5770   DC office: 202-224-6244
Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (local office): 686 – 5750 DC office: 202-224-3542
Representative Mark Amodei (local office): 686-5760  DC office: 202-225-6155

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