Make no mistake, Trump and his thugs are at war with all academics, not just scientists.

Border Crossing Fees

Any academic returning home (if you are from the US) or visiting for a conference or talk should think carefully about how she or he will be treated at immigration. The JPL scientist who was detained and coerced into unlocking his NASA phone when returning from Chile is just one of many examples of how we will be harassed, and it is certainly one of the more gentle methods that will be employed…

Consider what will happen to any hard earned samples that you try to bring back from any part of the world, despite appropriate permits from those countries and from the US. If your research has anything to do with climate change, kiss those samples goodbye. Perhaps the best approach is to keep your collections and your analyses in the countries of origin (or set up base in Europe).

Worse, if you have a name like Rousso or have any kind of connection to “mostly-Muslim” nations, you are a target, especially if you are famous, smart, or don’t like Trump. Here is what happened to the French historian Henry Rousso:

So for those who think that academics should stay away from the political arena to retain a sense of neutrality or that scientists should not march on Washington because it will politicize the sciences, remember that it is too late – all academics have been dragged into the mud and we must use the tools of our trade to fight the fascism that has the entire world on a road to total destruction. Whether you teach and study biodiversity or French history, action is necessary. Here are some recent voices from the global academic community that echo this concern:

…and potential actions against the Trump insanity are summarized on other posts.



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