What scientists will fight for and how they will defend science.

As scientists struggle to respond to the intensified attacks on facts and knowledge, one would not expect scientists to agree on the approaches to resist or reverse these attacks. As mentioned in the last blog, some have argued that marches could be ineffective and that they contribute to a poor view of scientists as being too political and not impartial seekers of truth. Nevertheless, the April 22 March on DC is quickly gaining popularity among scientists, and it makes sense to use all tools in the toolbox, including contacting representatives, donating to resistance groups and charities, boycotting companies that support Trump and other anti-science regimes, running for office, attending town hall meetings, going to marches and protests, continuing outreach and education, and continuing to do good science.

It is also important to have a message, and here is a great example of a scientist providing a clear, strong message:


Also, here is some wise resistance advice from Bernice King, described by this article in the Washington Post:



Finally, don’t forget to write to and call your representatives. There are plenty of options for talking points, including several in the last blog post and others that will populate in the first comment on this blog.


One thought on “What scientists will fight for and how they will defend science.

  1. From Beth Leger, 13-February, Monday morning:
    So, Feb 18-26th is expected to be congressional recess, and our representatives should be showing up in town. However, they are very much limiting their access.

    The only “open” event so far is from Senator Heller, who is planning a “phone town hall”, and you have to call and sign up for a lottery to even have a chance of being included in the calls! Holy cow. I’m guessing it’s not going to be a random draw (someone could ask that and report back…)

    I suggest calling today to sign up for Heller’s phone town hall, and request that Senators Heller, Cortez Masto and Representative Amodei hold an in-person meeting in Reno.

    Senator Cortez Masto is not planning anything at the moment, but I just called and suggested that she hold a public meeting as a contrast to Heller/Amodei’s behavior.

    Representative Amodei’s office was not sure. She told me to look at social media. I left my name and a request for an in-person meeting.

    You have to call the DC offices, as they do the scheduling:

    Senator Dean Heller DC office: 202-224-6244

    Senator Catherine Cortez Masto DC office: 202-224-3542

    Representative Mark Amodei DC office: 202-225-6155

    If that’s not enough for you, there is plenty more to be upset about. Pruitt’s vote is still not scheduled, but he is truly awful. The House is going to consider abhorrent legislation to eliminate the EPA. Amodei and Heller are still working together on an (unpopular) public lands transfer bill for Nevada.


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